Questions From Customers

Why solar?

Solar is a renewable energy which is available in abundant and is sufficient to generate the power to entire world. Solar power generation system doesn’t emit any green house gases, on an average a 1 MW system is equivalent to planting 23,480 trees. We can still save our planet.

What is PV module?

What is ON/OFF grid?

On grid system is where the power generated by the solar unit is transferred to the grid, where as the OFF grid is completed independent on the grid

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a system where the power generated by solar unit and power consumed by the customer is calculated and the difference amount will be billed to the customer.

What is gross metering?

Gross metering is the system where the power generated by solar unit is sold at one tariff and power consumed by the customer is calculated according to the government tariff.

What time is required to install solar at your home?

Solar can be installed on an average span of 7- 10 days.

Do I need to get any permission from government to install solar?

We need to take permission from Discom from installing the special meter fro solar

What system do I require according to my power bill?

Pv Module Units Avg Power bill(Approx)
1 Kw 120 780
2 kw 240 1,560
3kw 360 2340
5kw 600 3900
10 Kw 1200 7800

How do we install solar?

Initially a site survey will be conducted by a solar expert for shade analysis and system power generation calculations. Accordingly a proposed system will be installed after taking all permission from Discom people (if required)

What area is required for my home?

On a average 100 sft area is required to install a 1 KW system

Will my roof have enough strength to bear solar?

Most of the roof will have strengths to withstand solar PV modules however a strength analysis will be conducted prior to solar installations

What will be my annual maintenance cost for solar?

AMC for the solar are very low when compared to other systems

What is ROI of solar systems?

You can expect the return of investment within 3-5 years of installation according the size of the system installed at your location.

Do I get EMI option?

Financing option is depended on your last 3 years IT returns. However financer is keen on the repaying capacity of customers which will vary from person to person

What is CAPEX , OPEX, RESCO, PPA model of investments ?

An operating expense (OPEX) is an expense which is required for the daily functioning of a business. A Capital expense (CAPEX) is an expense a business create for future use .RESCO is a an energy service company which provides power to its customers and PPA is an power purchase agreement .

Do my panels work in rainy season?

Yes, the amount of power generated during bright Sunny day and a cloudily day may vary but min solar power can be generated at nominal temperatures

What is the life of solar panel ?

A solar panel can generate power up to 25 years .

What if solar panel doesn’t produce enough power?

Mostly if a solar PV module is generating lower power than expected then a general AMC will fix the issue .if the panel got damaged the panel will be replaced if it is in warranty.

How do I monitor my solar power generation?

Online monitoring will be enabled for every system through GPRS or WIFI. With this the customer and the contractor will have an live update on the mobile application or on the web portal. Every parameter such as string voltage, string current of all the strings and power generated can be monitored in real time.

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